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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Testing: 1-2-3...

I just took a few pics late this afternoon and I am practicing uploading from the camera to the computer.

It isn't as hard as I thought! But I did laugh at the sight I must appear to the animals wandering around with the camera in one hand and the instruction book it came with in the other! are some unsuspecting horses enjoying dinner

Uh oh! Someones noticed me.....lets see if the zoom works....

Kewl! The zoom is zoomy!

Goodbye my equine friends, lets see what the canine is up to....

Thirsty Blue? I can see a goldfish swimming just in front of your nose....gotta wonder what the fish is thinking .......

Blue, you're drippin on the fence buddy......

Ok, your aqua filled happy hour looks fun but we need to see another kind of "ine" than canine.....

hello little missy! You look a tad apprehensive.....what are you in for?

A piercing? Where? I hope its not your're to young for that nonsense!

Wow blurry pic...the hand really is faster than the eye!

What an excellent choice in ear wear! Oh and umm.....Miss 208? have something green hanging out of your mouth....just thought I should say something.....I hate it when I have something green stuck in my teeth and nobody tells me......your welcome....


  1. At one time photography was my passion, the reason I got up in the morning and the reason I stayed up late at night. I had taken a few classes offered by a local photographer and learned the basics. I read and I experimented. We had a darkroom at work because the production of an electronic printed circuit board involved a photographic negative at that time, but is replaced by a computer today. The darkroom was a step of desperation. The little newspaper in our town had contracted to make the negatives for us but just when the guy operating the process camera learned how to do it for our needs he would up and leave and go to another paper. I had learned how to make the negatives from a book and I was just darn tired of teaching the new guys at the paper how to use the filters to accomplish what we needed.
    So I bought a very, very used process camera from a map company and built a darkroom for it. If you are thinking “hand held camera” let me set you straight. My camera was a Clydesdale! Really, that was the manufacturer. It was over 12 feet long. I was thrilled with my purchase and drove the 3 hour trip across the mountain to bring it home. Our little truck would not be long enough for it but I could put a red flag on it and let it hang over the tailgate a few feet. The men who loaded my treasure into our little pickup were very solemn and said that it was not safe to drive over the mountain with it. The camera was bigger than the truck. But I had a new darkroom and two boxes of film just waiting for me.
    I will always remember that drive home. The winding road would cause the truck to tilt and I could feel the wheels almost lift off the pavement because of the size and weight of its load. I got a lot of stares from other motorists wondering what I was carrying and why. Some of them actually pulled over and stopped so that if I turned over I would not roll over them. But I finally made it home.
    The film end of the camera was in the darkroom and the lens end was through the wall in another room. I used sheets of film that were 14 X 17 inches.
    And when I was not using the Clydesdale I used a typical Nikon. I love the photos that I took of the kids and our wildflower hikes in the mountains.
    Enjoy your camera.

  2. Wow, that was some camera Maggie!

  3. And it was such an antique (junktique) that it was made of real wrought iron. It’s a wonder that it didn’t turn our little pickup over with its massive weight and roll the truck, camera and me down the mountain side.

  4. I love your pictures!

    Floh (who has been booted from this blog system once again. :tears:

  5. Great pics Glow!! I love the animals. :)