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Friday, November 15, 2013

Turning Back Time

Three of my favorite people are moving soon.

While I love the new opportunities and great experiences this will bring them I am sad for me.

Having them here has been 3 of the best years ever.

Live and you will experience change. Not all change is easy but all change is good. It shows we are living and not just existing.

In the short time left, me? I am just trying to stretch each and every moment. Maximize the time. Savor being together.


Friday, November 1, 2013


Isnt facetious a great word? Implies a tongue in cheek "tude"...and all the vowels are in alphabetical order....that word really delivers!

Its a cloudy windy mysterious kind of day here.

My favorite kind.

I also got a good nights sleep so I am full of energy. I have washed a few window screens and made the noon meal and its only 10:30. Sure beats yesterday where I was dragging myself through the hours just waiting for bedtime. I seem to be in a phase lately where I have a day (or two) of huge energy followed by a day of extremely low energy. It is a pattern.

I have candles lit....I love to watch them flicker when they catch a breeze from the open windows. Just last week it was tooth chattering cold here. Me standing in the yard clutching my arms and shifting from foot to foot for relief from the chilled ground when I had "chicken watching duty". We still have our "fox" intruder so for now, the chickens are as heavily guarded as royalty around here.

Most days, the grand kids stand guard. They are all home schooled so we let the chickens out during their reading time. It is cute to watch them reading, BB guns at the ready, while the chickens peck peacefully nearby.

Handsome Son & Dilly have an anniversary party coming up soon. Dillys mom is fantastic with GREAT ones! So there will be a wonderful party. I dont care much for parties but I like hers. The food is always incredible, the wine flows and only the best people are around. Yep, she gives a gooooood party.

I always do the decorations, maybe a dish of something (cooking isnt my thing) and some wine. I also usually wait till the last minute to come up with inspiration. It is always something cheap that I can work with to create beauty. I dont spend money on things that are "props" its way more fun to use a can of spray paint and a little imagination.

Last year I did a fruit theme. Seemed kind of apropos since they had a baby (fruitage....get it? )

I went to the produce dept at the local grocery and asked if I could loot their trash bin for damaged fruit and veggies. I found a treasure trove of artichokes, pomegranates, asparagus and my fav pears. I spray painted them and added a bit of twine.

They looked really nice on the food tables in the dark

On the outside tables - we served ourselves and ate outside since their house is smallish- I did mason jars that sat on huge leaves that had been glittered and spray painted.

Since I did all of this a few hours before the actual party my deck was awash in fruit and spray cans and glitter! I enlisted willing help from the kids (what kid doesn't love glitter and spray paint?) But since the party was not at MY house who cared? Bottom line is everything looks good in the dark.

This year I am thinking about going with a vine idea. Just a bunch of free floating ideas at this point.

Fortunately (another "F" word!) the time of year is perfect for this!