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Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm A Vegetable...


This is a great time of year

when the veggies from the garden start to trickle in 

natures perfection.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 Shades of Spring

3 trees

3 different shades of green

3 signs of spring!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Liquid Blessing

At long last rain

so refreshing

so needed.

A liquid blessing falling from the sky.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hoist Yourself!

Having a hard time getting started in the morning?

Well get yourself up! Get going!

You will inspire those around you.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


The most touching thing about my week I found today....
located in a most unlikely place

like most treasures are...

this is the kids tree fort. Depending on the season and the mood it can hold many different things. There is a crows nest with a pirate ships wheel. There are yoga mats.

Interestingly enough, the latest additions are a hammock the kids fashioned out of a sheet and
a pink bucket(?)

and some markets cleverly tied to hang where they are needed....

for this-

The names of EVERY pet on the farm. Each chicken, cat dog, horse and any calf they have cared for.

Bubbles, Pearly and Mermaid are goldfish that live in the watering tank....   

Flippers is a goose, Minnie is a dog, Speckles is a hen and Lady is a horse...

All of them carefully and lovingly recorded here in their own little corner of the world high up in the trees. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not Something You See Everyday

I like chicken.

Especially fried and served with warm biscuits

and cherry pie,

cant forget the cherry pie!

There is another kind of chicken I like,

the kind you love and feed

and wouldn't ,couldn't, EVER eat

instead, you give them cutesy names

like "Snowflake" and you

build a comfy house for them

and buy them feed

and now and then,

IF they are in the mood

they will lay an egg or two

just for you,

their way of saying thanks

for my house and my food.

Those are the kind of chickens I love most.

I also love horses.

They move into your heart and you name them and feed them also.

It would be harder to say which is more loved

which came first the chicken or the horse?
(is that how the saying goes???)

I love them both, chickens and horses.

Only thing I cant stand is a chickeny horse but that is not what we are discussing here

What are we discussing here? Oh yes!

Things you don't see every day.


since you have been ever so good of a sport

 and patiently scrolled down this far

how about this?

Whaaatt? A horse you say?

Whats the big deal about that?


look closer

whats that on the horses back?

whoa!!!! Is that a chicken I see?

Why yes, I believe it is....her name is "Snowflake and she decided it was time to look at the world from a different perspective. Once she got all settled in she snuggled down on the nice warm back of the horse.

She stayed there and looked down her nose at her fellow chicken minions far, far away down on the ground nervously pecking the grass while keeping one eye open for a cat or dog or low flying hawk. Hey that's the way it goes when you are considered a "food" source by almost every other animal  there is.

But not Snowflake! Not today! No, today she was a  queen sitting regally on a furry equine throne.

and that my friends?

You just don't see everyday! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meet Flippers

Hello, my name is Flippers but people call me "goosey" ( dont know where they got that from).

I am very important and I pretty much run things around these parts.  

As you can see I am extremely beautiful

 I am smart too~

 The dogs are afraid of me. I sometimes walk toward them when they are laying in the shade and stretch my neck out at them just to watch them get up and move. (shhh - thats our little secret um kay?)

I lay much bigger and finer eggs than those scrawny little things they call chickens. I can make taxi cab honking sounds with my throat. My BFF is the garden hose turned on fine spray and pointed at me.... 


I can scratch my own back.

Yes, its true.

I am amazing. 

So glad you got to meet me.

note: todays photographs courtesy of The Princess  


Monday, May 7, 2012

Time For A Water Break

97 degrees today. I  watched the kids and their friends ride their bikes back and forth to their tree fort ( a 1/4 mile away).

and then I saw this......

time for a water break!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Month Old

Aurora was officially one month old last week, I took her picture.

When she was born, she was a couple of inches shorter than Daisy the dog. Now she is taller than Daisy!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Aurora and the Perigee Moon

Children of the Corn

Well...there is no corn, but it is a field of Coastal Bermuda growing thick and tall.

The children beat the grass down and made a circle. When they lay down they disappear completely in a sea of rippling green. A perfect hiding spot. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Interspecies Harmony

Goosey, Kitty and the Pup share a moment

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And Her Name Shall Be.....

Given that I live with some wonderful Disney loving grandchildren a name has been chosen....

"Princess Aurora"

given that her mothers name was "Princess" she has to have a royal name!

Princess Aurora is the princess of "Sleeping Beauty" fame. So there you have it.

A worthy name for a worthy little fighter.

We were worried about an umbilical hernia so the vet came out.

The good news is Aurora does not have a hernia!

Her biggest need really is for a friend. As a herd animal it isn't good for Aurora to be raised all alone with a bunch of humans.

Lo and behold, look who showed up...

A farmer who lives nearby was rounding up his "pairs" (cows with newborn calves) to move to another pasture and when everyone was loaded, this little guy was standing there all alone. He is too big to have been a twin and no mother seemed to claim him. Who knows what happened to his mama. She may have been rustled by someone. We guess this little calf has been surviving by trying to suckle anywhere he could for a couple of days but he was sure skinny when he was found.

The beef farmer brought him here where he knew there was plenty of cow milk to go around.

So now Aurora has a herd mate to help her learn to be a genuine cow. Given that he is the friend of a genuine princess, he needs a fitting name. There really could be no other name that was perfect except that of the Prince of the real Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty...

Prince Phillip!

So that is who he shall be.

Hard  to believe that they are approximately the same age. He is a large beef breed calf and she is a little Jersey.
But their is no doubt they are living the fairy tale!

Prepared For Anything

Saw the littlest princess come strolling by the other day....

dressed in shorts and pink flip flops, carrying her designer purse and as one final accessory?

A gun.

I couldnt resist, I had to ask....

where are you going and what  are you doing?

Turns out she was walking to her cousins to play AND returning her cousins squirrel hunting gun, which she had borrowed.

Not something you see every day, unless you live here.