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Thursday, May 10, 2012


The most touching thing about my week I found today....
located in a most unlikely place

like most treasures are...

this is the kids tree fort. Depending on the season and the mood it can hold many different things. There is a crows nest with a pirate ships wheel. There are yoga mats.

Interestingly enough, the latest additions are a hammock the kids fashioned out of a sheet and
a pink bucket(?)

and some markets cleverly tied to hang where they are needed....

for this-

The names of EVERY pet on the farm. Each chicken, cat dog, horse and any calf they have cared for.

Bubbles, Pearly and Mermaid are goldfish that live in the watering tank....   

Flippers is a goose, Minnie is a dog, Speckles is a hen and Lady is a horse...

All of them carefully and lovingly recorded here in their own little corner of the world high up in the trees. 

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  1. i think this shows how much these little ones appreciate where they live and who they are and what they are associated with. when they grow up they will have such cherished memories. wow!