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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And Her Name Shall Be.....

Given that I live with some wonderful Disney loving grandchildren a name has been chosen....

"Princess Aurora"

given that her mothers name was "Princess" she has to have a royal name!

Princess Aurora is the princess of "Sleeping Beauty" fame. So there you have it.

A worthy name for a worthy little fighter.

We were worried about an umbilical hernia so the vet came out.

The good news is Aurora does not have a hernia!

Her biggest need really is for a friend. As a herd animal it isn't good for Aurora to be raised all alone with a bunch of humans.

Lo and behold, look who showed up...

A farmer who lives nearby was rounding up his "pairs" (cows with newborn calves) to move to another pasture and when everyone was loaded, this little guy was standing there all alone. He is too big to have been a twin and no mother seemed to claim him. Who knows what happened to his mama. She may have been rustled by someone. We guess this little calf has been surviving by trying to suckle anywhere he could for a couple of days but he was sure skinny when he was found.

The beef farmer brought him here where he knew there was plenty of cow milk to go around.

So now Aurora has a herd mate to help her learn to be a genuine cow. Given that he is the friend of a genuine princess, he needs a fitting name. There really could be no other name that was perfect except that of the Prince of the real Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty...

Prince Phillip!

So that is who he shall be.

Hard  to believe that they are approximately the same age. He is a large beef breed calf and she is a little Jersey.
But their is no doubt they are living the fairy tale!

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