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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Time To Snooze.....

It's just past noon.

The air is hot and still.

Good time for a siesta!

si⋅es⋅ta  /siˈɛstə/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [see-es-tuh] Show IPA
Use siesta in a Sentence
–noun a midday or afternoon rest or nap, esp. as taken in Spain and Latin America.

1645–55; < Sp < L sexta (hōra) the sixth (hour), midday

First we have Blue, sprawled in front of the piano....

Emmy is too much of a siesta snob to crash on the floor...

This isnt a floor...or is it?

Usually at this point you get up and wander away....skeered I might try to throw a saddle on you...

but today you are just too tired...or else I am really boring you.....
we'll go with tired...zzzz

(This horse literally fell asleep while I was taking its picture!)

Just a few feet away...pretty maids all in a row

To fully enjoy a siesta it is very important to have a good lunch with friends or/and relatives first.

Its especially relaxing when the kids are in daycare...

I'll be back later....for some reason, Im feeling drowsy...

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