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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chooks Spa Day, the conclusion

By now it is lunch time and the menu reads "cracked corn over field greens" some places would just say cracked corn on the grass - but not this place - that's why its a spa!

Thank goodness they pick up the pace a bit when it comes to dinner! Today we are having grilled Ribs with fresh peaches. Now that's more like it baby!


It does a body good! We had blueberry's too but they were gone in a blink, sorry, maybe next time.

The day is drawing to a close when you have worked and stretched and clucked as much as we have - not to mention all the art we produced and get practically nothing for....

so on to bed....

I would like to say that we sleep soundly on down filled mattresses but that whole idea of down makes us a little uneasy to think about, I guess you could say it is a downer....(cackle cackle) so let me just say we sleep on nice fresh hay. I hear you two legged types like the smell and feel of fresh sheets dried on a clothesline in the open air. Well, we have that same crisp grassy smell going on here and it is very relaxing. We are all free to settle in upstairs or down.

Roo sleeps downstairs by the door like a good guard should and of course some of the chicks have to stay right there too. Always trying to impress they are.

Us smart chicks take the upper quarters

and roost and dream about dog food leftovers and other goodies, who knows maybe even free range crickets! Time for me to wrap this up as I hear two legged chick coming......

she wants to show you her pictures too. Get ready for boring that's all I can say....its like: "here is the house for my chickens and here is how the door opens and oh look, here is an egg!" Her writing style is so boring its enough to make my gizzard groan within me, but oh well.....what do I care, I am off to hit the hay.

Night all~


  1. I loved seeing the chickadees. how peaceful to see their lovely lives of just being chickens going on thousands of miles away. oh to enjoy one of their eggs one fine morning down on Blackberry Hill.

  2. Ha! yes, i've worked out how to always be able to post with my moniker at last.

  3. And the latest news from cyberspace — sorry, off topic — is i've rediscovered a blog i set up yonks ago and forgot i had. i've done nothing with it, but at least i do know now how to definitely make my name appear with my inane notes on my favourite blog. that's here, Blackberry Hill, thank you very much!

  4. Just to add (as if i wouldn't) i have decided next time i'm in a restaurant which is renowned for chicken feet (don't tell your girls) i will try them. i've heard so much about them being truly excellent when well done, it seems neglectful to keep ignoring them.

    i intend to return and report once i've located and tested. expect this to be quite some time. i know of nowhere in Hamburg to experiment and may have to wait until i return to Las Vegas for a visit and take a recommendation from my cousin's good Chinese friend.

    her family visited from all over the place a couple of weekends ago and there was a massive gathering in a restaurant to which my cousin was invited. although i've seen some reviews for Cathay House which weren't complimentary, it would seem the real Chinese rate it highly. as did my cousin.

    so i suppose i shall await my Chicken Feet experience for when i next visit Las Vegas and get a chance to go to Cathay House with cousin's friend. she'll see me right.

    at present — lottery winnings excepted — it will be a while before i get stateside again, unfortunately.

  5. Copied from the blog below because do i want anyone to miss my words, lol!

    These chics are stars, including the two legged stalker, director of operations! gorgeous portraits of the girls in all their glory. i feel privileged to be allowed a sneak view of them and their man Roo. you know they all appreciate Martha Stewart's efforts at keeping the place cosy.

    as for namings of meal breaks: well croque-monsieur is only a fancy name for a cheese and ham toastie, innit? the wonder of living life in a spa where gentle exercise and spa mineral baths (complimentary) are de rigueur, of course and only to be expected by super-models.

    the buddhists amongst us will surely identify with their zen moments and we can only hope a world-wide sect of awe will soon be upon us. wanting to be alone with nature is important to any followers pondering the meaning of life, the universe and everything.