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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blackberry Cobbler

The little munchkin's (grand kids) have been here on the farm for the weekend. There has been a lot of swimming and a whole lot of playing with the new puppy and we had the best of intentions to go blackberry picking.....

really we did.....

Somehow it just seemed to hot, or there was something more fun to do and it got put off.

So it is a good thing that Sunday was midsummer's longest day of the year because guess what we did at 8:30 at night?

That's right!

We scurried from patch to patch of blackberries. "Agent B" (my grandson) who is six, manned the wheel of the golf cart, while the two girls and I jumped off and picked what we could see in the rapidly dwindling light and then we hopped back on the golf cart and raced off to the next little stand of bushes, to pick what might be lurking there. Soon we had enough to eat a handful each and to insure a good cobbler for breakfast.

So while all was still and peaceful this morning, I made the cobbler.

There is really nothing hard about a cobbler - you just sort of cobble it all together. Lots of juicy sweet berries and just enough batter to hold it all together.

The hard part for me, is holding a camera with my left hand while stirring with my right. Requires steady nerves for 7:30 in the morning I tell ya~

Some of the pictures are a bit blurry and out of focus but I will get better with practice!


Adjust your 3 -D glasses and here we go....

What we will be using:
more or less)

I say more or less, because if I were making this recipe for more sophisticated palates i.e.; adults, I would stir a tad of cinnamon into the berries and some vanilla flavoring into the batter. Since I am dealing with little "purists" who are young enough to still be suspicious of lots of flavor, I am keeping this as simplistic as a Beatrix Potter story - so they will enjoy it.

To begin, we will melt 1 stick of butter...

then add 1 cup of sugar (the white stuff on the plate in the first picture...I had measured it out and forgot to put the actual bag of sugar in the picture) to the warm butter.

To the butter and sugar, add 1 cup of flour - see how easy this is?

you can stir a little - or wait - its that easy!

next add 1 TBSP. Baking powder and 1/4 tsp. of salt

that's all of our dry ingredients, now we add our 1 cup of milk.

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