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Monday, August 3, 2009

On Being #1 In the #2 Business...

So what did you do with your weekend?

Spend time with the kids? Mow the yard? BBQ and go to a baseball game?

All/some of the above?

How mundane!

How typical!

How average!

Instead of all that all American wholesomeness you could have come to club Moo for one of our weekends. I wanted to add the word atypical in front of the word weekend but sadly I would be pretending.

Fact is while this weekend was not quite the normal order of things around here, it definitely was one of those

what do you mean hire someone when we can do it ourselves?

moments that I see a lot of, in one way or another.

So instead of having the neighbors over and grilling some steaks, we dug out an entire back yard.

Yes that's right folks! The septic had been warning of its presence for awhile so the day came when the pooper scooper truck had to come and do its job. In the process it was discovered that the drain field was no longer clear and functioning. The septic company would have been more than happy to stay and fix that also at around $5,000,000/hr. but The Hub said au contraire! We can do that part! Handsome son groaned inwardly.

As did the dogs.

And the chickens.

By the time I got home I could see what an undertaking it was. I started to flee for my life to the nearest mall to wait until someone gave me the all clear but something about the sight of "Handsome Sons" head resting on the ground (really he was in the trench) was so disembodied and macabre that I had to grab my camera and take a few pics!

I ran towards the scene, tripping over chickens and piles of dirt.

What is this head doing at ground level in my backyard?

Come to think of it - where is my backyard? The chicken is obviously excited to find a mountain ridge where formerly there was only boring flat grass!

A disclaimer:

Kids, do not attempt this at home. Especially if your dad is asleep on the couch and your mom has just run to the store for a minute.

The only circumstances under which this should be attempted is under adequate professional supervision - which we had...

The event drew a lot of sightseers, naturally....

Handsome son....shouldn't this be a hard hat area instead of a hard head area? yuk yuk - I am so funny....

ok this is about as much fun as I can stand on a Saturday....maybe I will go check out the mall after all~


  1. I love the chickens. I guess they wanted to help.

  2. I guess they did!

    Nice to have you post a comment provident woman!

  3. I love, love, LOVE your whole blog!!