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Sunday, August 30, 2009

"To Be Continued"... continued

After getting dry and warm and out of the rain and deeply aware of my defeat in "them thar hills" at the hands of mud and muck and cattle, I decided I had to try again to find this calf that legends are made of.

In the name of all that is real I needed to not fictionalize this huge record making baby cow (who had in the interim been named) but rather, I needed to find him and photograph him. It was necessary to legitimize him.

If I didn't whose to say that the kids and I werent just making this whole story up?

People needed to see this with their own eyes. Otherwise, this calf would be like the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot, or maybe the Abominable Snowman and we couldn't have that.

So I went out again today, determined to find this calf.

This gargantuan record setting calf that really does exist, even though I cant seem to find a trace of him. He is REAL I tell you!!!



By all accounts...

I found lots of babies heres one

and this one!
(my what big ears you have...)

and then I found HIM!

The record breaking calf who in the interim has been given the totally improbable name of.....
(insert drummroll here)



What does this big bruiser (who isn't even white) have to do with cotton?

Cotton seems content doesn't he?
We need you to stand up Cotton!
We need to see your Paul Bunyan self!

Cotton is about to get up. Oh dear...

My, my, Cotton, you really are quite the big guy!

Just for comparison here is a normal newborn

and once again, Cotton...

We have been receiving complaints from the milk room...

when Cotton's mama comes in, all she wants to do is rest.

She has no milk to give to the group effort. Cotton is drinking it all.
Look at her udder, all collapsed and empty.

And look at Cotton already 1/3 her size.

Remember that Mama with the "normal" looking udder?

You are bad for business Cotton!

But just look at you...

The look....
the feel...
of Cotton....

the fabric of our lives...


I get why you are named Cotton now.

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