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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Thin Man

A lot of people come and go when you live in a farm house.

It's just a fact of life.

One I adjusted to early on when I came to live here on the farm.

I remember once, after a particularly hard day helping a cow birth her calf. I headed off to take a long steamy shower only to afterwards walk out into my living room to find
ehh gasp,

a stranger standing there!

My left hand clutched my bathrobe while my right steadied the towel on my head. The "stranger" stood there in denim overalls, hat in hand.

Turned out, he wanted to bring over a cow that had given birth to a still born calf and needed to be milked.

While he went from potential serial killer to kind benevolent animal lover in 30 seconds or less in my mind that day, it took me awhile longer to realize that when you live in the country

people just drop in!

Farmers stop by to borrow equipment you have

or drop off something they are loaning to you.

Hay customers come to buy hay for hungry horses and goats.

Sometimes, people show up wanting another product we have in great quantity...

they want some "black gold" otherwise known as cow manure in these parts.

There are semi tractor trailer loads of grain delivered every few days.

Also, the milk truck which comes to pick up the wonderful result of all that grain and feed.

(Can you spell M.I.L.K.)?

Then there are the less glamorous but very important service vehicles that show up randomly to fill tanks with gas, drop off vet supplies and so on.

Its just an all around common thing to have people in and out all the time when you live on a farm.

Im used to it (sort of)

I was gone to the big city today and when I came home, I found this on my dining room table.


Looks like a nice guy...

a little thin and a little on the pale side but that's OK...

who are you?

You look a little like running man...

only you aren't going anywhere....just hanging out right here with your pen in hand.

Wonder what you would write if you had paper to write on?

Note to self...leave paper handy along with a pen next time!

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