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Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh! Those Summer Nights!

With school starting soon, it was time for one last sleep over before everyone is back on a schedule.

The fab 3 made hand dipped pretzels to take home as a surprise for moms and dads.

These are even more fun to make than to eat - maybe?

"Hey! I am going to eat this one to make sure they are good!"

"Mine taste great!"

"I did one for mom and one for dad!"

A surefire combination of sweet, salty and crunchy guaranteed to have something for everyone!

After we were stuffed with chocolate and pretzels, it was on to the story telling.

Their stories/plays are always so creative and rich in imagination. This one involved a warrior princess and the worlds smartest side kick, enlisting the aid of a beautiful alien to save the planet from invasion.

encore` encore!

The dazzlingly talented and slightly pooped stars were then ready to watch a movie that carried almost the same theme -coincidence much?

Just when you think that sleep is not in the "plan" and it isn't going to happen and that they really are going to stay awake all night as they had promised each other....


the future is asleep in my living room...

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