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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's A Small World

Welcome to the liquid wonderland home of "Bubbles" and "Pearl."

They are a couple of optimists.

I know this because they never see the glass as half empty.


To them, life is rich and full and satisfying.

Some may see them as living in a watering trough.

They love it that they don't live in someones home in a fishtank. That they can look up and see the open sky above them anytime they want.

It's true, that no one gives them nice tasty fish food once a day but they have visitors...

visitors that eat grain and grass and lets just say they are a tad sloppy when they are slurping!

Bubbles and Pearl enjoy the visit as well as the "groceries" that fall out of the visitors mouth.

Speaking of visitors, they get lots of them...

That's the way it is when you have a waterfront home....

you are very popular with guests!

Pearl knows this so she cleans a lot! She likes a nice presentable home for her visitors. Who knows? They might even bring their camera and take pictures. So Pearl cleans while Bubbles watches...

They are just your average stereotypical type that way.

Average is their idea of perfect. They are happy living on what some would call the cutting edge of mediocrity. They dont travel much and dont enjoy long walks or any airborne sports.

No, they are happy in their rich little ecosystem that gives them everything they need. In the little quarter inch space of their heads, where their minds reside, they are busy, productive and content.

Just hanging out
lovin life
and going for a nice swim each day.

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  1. I never knew, until your blog that is, that fish could subsist on the crumbs dropped from the table, so-to-speak. We can learn so much from the animal world. Even how to color our hair! (reference to next blog regarding Lady the horse)