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Friday, July 9, 2010


This is "Tick" and "Tock"

They are "Besties"

aside from being "beasties" which is a whole other story!
They have been best friends from the day they landed here in my little steer pasture.

They eat together

The chew their cud together

The rest of the cows respect that they are "together" and obligingly make room for the two of them to be beside each other all the time.

They are also gaining a LOT of weight...

here's "Tock" two months ago...

and Tock today,

Hello ladies! Wouldn't we all panic if that was a pic of us in 2 months time?

Our belly spreading out on both sides and never mind our thighs or unmentionable butt!

Tock however doesn't mind...

he is above our fashion conscious world.

His world consists of



and hanging with his BFF


the world is very simple isnt it?


  1. That's so cute! Wouldn't it be kinda great to have it so simple & easy? Well, except for the gettin' made into steaks part. Yeah, that wouldn't really be so fun! ;)

  2. Tick and Tock remind me of "two peas in a pod" - very big peas at that, LOL! As always, I've enjoyed a glimpse into your world, Indie!