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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey Laaadee

Lady is a horse.

She is a most trend conscious, fashion setting horse. Her halter always is the right shade to match her mood.
She recently got a fantastic pedicure.
I haven't had a pedicure or even a haircut all summer. She looks all très chic, while I look like a lost sheepdog.
I say that to say this...

shes obviously my go to person to get advice on getting my hair done next week.

So Lady can I talk to you a minute?

Lady - Oh its you again....did you bring me an apple?

Me - Oh, um no, I forgot the apple - I will go get one in a sec- right now I have a question to ask do you get your hair to look so good all the time?

Lady - Well I think its important to develop your own style. I had this style till I read some chic named Rihanna started copying it...

so I had to move on to this,

the difference is subtle but powerful, no?

Me - No...I mean....yes! Its very powerfully subtle!

I also like your highlights.

Lady - You really don't know much about this do you? This is a blend of high AND low lights - that's all part of my "customized" look.

Me - Ah yes, when I run my hands through it I see the low lights - you are sooo right on about that Lady!

Me - So you have been a LOT of help. I am going to ask for something artfully tapered and perhaps a slightly windblown look....and highlights AND lowlights for sure. Thanks Lady. You're the best!

Lady - Yes I am. Not to change the subject....but about that apple we discussed a few minutes ago???

Me - Yes! Of course! Be right back!

Lady - Ok, Ill just wait right here...

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  1. Lady is so trendy with her highlights and lowlights. Thanks for sending the pics of her, I think I may try to get her look too.