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Monday, November 2, 2009

I have to say that it got VERY cold here unexpectedly and we had all planned on summer like weather and summer clothes which, as it turned out, weren't quite enough given that they love to roam and play in the wide open fields.

So we dug into my bottom drawer where I keep the kind of things you rarely need in Florida. Things like leggings and scarves and long sleeved shirts. We played dress up.

What fun!

This is also why they look like little stars from a Dickens movie.

Saying good morning to the newest member born on the farm

Hey there! Are you Grandma Moses?

Fixing the flat tire on the golf cart falls to the man of the day...

Sometimes... all you need is a helping hand,

Pashmina girl - you are SO cute!

Even more interesting close up...

Check out the hair blowing sideways

competely unaware of a zoom lens, he is peacefuland contemplative.

Hello! Can I intrude in your world for a close up with a camera?

Very aware now....
(Superman your cape is awesome)


are forever...

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  1. Wow your photos are beautiful and tell such stories.