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Friday, November 13, 2009

The Tale Of the Painted Lady

Once upon a time...

I developed a problem severe,

how to solve it didn't seem near.

One of my many little red hens,

decided to not go into the coop at night...


This is very bad, dangerous in fact,

worse case, it could mean she is someones late night snack!

I read what the chicken whisperers all had to say

"mark her at night so you'll know which one she is the next day."

So after finding her missing from the hen house once again,

I sat out to find my little red hen.

Her penchant for nesting under the stars,

turned out to be one for sleeping in cars...

So drowsy and helpless, in my garage she slept

while I with red nail polish

closely crept;

"Mark her" they had said,

so I said "OK!"

She shall be the one with red painted toes in the light of day!"

After painting her nails,

I left her to slumber.

the next day there she was...

little miss paint by number!

So now I know WHO to follow at twilight

exactly who it is that has trouble finding her way home at night.

And The Painted Lady she will be...

Its a lot better than being history.

and they lived happily ever after...


  1. I needed this laugh. I laughed sooo hard at this post. I am a little concerned that you are hearing the voices of the chicken whisperers and that this hen seems to like her new manicure. :)

    Funny post. And you know how I love funny. I am going to tell my sheep farmer sister and shrink daughter to hop over here to read this.

  2. Thanks Teresa!

    I am probably turning into that crazy woman down the street. LOL!

    If children start daring one another to ring my door bell - I will know for sure that I AM that crazy lady, right?


  3. Hello. I visit you on Teresa's page. Thanks for posting this. It makes me smile at a time I actually need it.

    Keep well...

  4. Found you from over at The Park this post! Made me giggle! I am a liscenced cosmetologist and seeing those painted nails on a hen CRACKED ME UP! Reminds me of a few nails I've painted in my day!!! ;)

    I think I'll check in once in awhile, if that's okay...

  5. Teresa sent me here, too. Wow, that's funny! How long did that manicure take?

    I'll be back to visit again!

  6. Oh my gosh all mighty, that is so funny!!! I thought I was the only one that did crazy things with my chickens. :-) I'm knitting scarves for them all now, and their coop will be decorated for Christmas.

    A GREAT post! Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Loved your poem. I have to share this a friend of mine who has chickens. Perhaps you should have used an iridescent color so it would glow at night and scare off whatever!

  8. Indie, you won the drawing over my way. Would you stop over and let me know if you want the DIY book or the bookmark?

  9. I did???

    Wow. I never win anything! Thank you so much - I will head right over....

    Also, I want to thank yagmur, Gail, Beth, Mattenylou, Jayme and Judy for visiting me. I am so glad to meet you!


  10. Just email your address to me at tcoltrin (at)gmail (dot)com and I will get your DYI book in the mail unless you would rather have the bookmark :) Tell me in the email. I need to get something to the next person in line. Have a great day.