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Friday, November 13, 2009

Simply Good

I love it when I can find those long slender crispy green beans at the market.

I was halfway through cooking them before it dawned on me to take a picture and post a recipe that is the ultimate in simplicity and oh so good.

To Make

wash green beans and blot them dry.

fry 3 strips of bacon till crispy and remove from skillet. IF there is more than 1 TBSP of grease remove it so you have only one TBSP of bacon drippings in your skillet. Add 1 TBSP of any high quality oil to the bacon grease (I like peanut oil as it will give you the best flavor for this dish).
Add the green beans and allow them to "fry" over a medium high heat for a full minute. This allows some browning and lets the beans get slightly caramelized. After 1 minute, gently flip the beans over and add a little salt. Continue stir frying and flipping the beans until you have a mixture of some limp and some still a bright green. This will be about 3 or 4 minutes actual time if you have your heat high enough. Throw in 2 cloves of garlic finely minced. Stir garlic through and turn off your heat. Allow beans to finish cooking without any heat - this will be enough to gently cook the garlic which is very sensitive and will burn on high heat. Taste for salt, add more if needed. Once the garlic is warm and wilted your dish is done!

Deliciously crunchy and garlicky!

Post Note: You can add the bacon you fried back in after cooking if you want. - I don't - but you can if you like!


  1. Oh my, this looks so good. Oh yep, I would be adding the bacon back.