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Friday, October 30, 2009

Night Noises

So last night was all cozy and homey....

I was tucked in a big chair with my laptop, in PJ's watching TV and browsing Craigslist checking out our ad for hay, when all of the sudden there was a weird BOOM sound....

it was similar to a sonic boom but not quite as loud. The dogs outside went N.U.T.S. The one dog inside did too!

Hub and I each grabbed a flashlight and headed for separate doors to investigate

I took the front door and Hub went out the side door. "I think its the horses" I called out over my shoulder.

But one quick look with the flashlight and no it wasn't the horses....they all looked at me - all heads accounted for.

I went back inside and waited...when Hub came in he said we just had a sinkhole open up under our house!


I have heard of this happening but we haven't ever had it happen here!

I was too afraid to go out and look at night because I am afraid of stuff like that .

I noticed that when I walked across our kitchen floor there was one spot where there was an "echo" sound resonating underfoot that I hadn't ever noticed before. Weird how a huge hole under our crawl space served to "trap" sound...

So this morning we called and had concrete poured into the gaping yawning hole under the back of our house.

That concrete truck is one big sucker!

Imagine this backing straight at you while you stand in the kitchen...

I shot this through my dusty windows, sorry bout that folks but it isnt window cleaning time till November when it is cooler AND I will be having lots of company - I like clean windows to count for stuff like company.

This isnt a sight you see everyday...

The driver climbs up to check on something
(hows that for a technically descriptive sentence?)

They put the end of that long shoot under the house. This was one noisy operation between the barrel of the truck spinning and the truck running and of course - the dogs barking

Now I have yards and yards of nice solid concrete under the kitchen helping the earth do its job.

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  1. Whaaaat? Is this true? A real sink hole. Great -one more thing for me to worry about. :)

    This is terrible. I hope you all are ok.