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Friday, July 10, 2009

Got Milk?

I happened to be outside looking for something interesting to shoot, when this came driving in to pick up our milk.

"Hey! This is interesting if you dont see it everyday in your backyard" I thought.
So I followed it, walking down the road behind it. With the zoom I could see the cows watching the truck make its way toward them.

After the milk is uploaded the truck turns around and heads off to the next farm.

AdiĆ³s ,Ciao, Au Revoir...

Y'all come back now!


  1. I am curious about the whole milk processing operation. Do you do anything to it before it is loaded into the truck? How is it transported without spoiling? Is it kept cold? When you use milk is it from the grocery store or from the cow? I grew up drinking milk from the cow when I visited my aunt and uncle who lived on a farm. What is your milk used for….drinking, cheese etc.?

  2. cool. i want some fresh milk

  3. Hi Maggie!

    Our milk is chilled dowm to just above freezing in a stainless steel tank. The truck that picks it up is a thermal truck not a refrigerated one. Think of it like a giant lunch thermos lying sideways on wheels! The bulk of milk contained and the extremely low chill temperature is enough to keep it cold all they way to the processing plant.

    We dont buy milk from the store. We prefer to drink it raw here on the farm.

    Our milk is "sorted" the processing plant to be turned into whole milk, skim as well as cheese and ice-cream!

  4. Hi Jas,

    Well come on over!


  5. thanks for sharing pictures and stories of your dairy. it's almost as good as being there. i just love your blogspot!

  6. Thank you Marmie,

    What would be really good is if you were here!!!