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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nannok of the North,

checking in!

Day 3 of a hard freeze in the "sunshine state"

To document these record breaking temps I bring you little seen photos....

Frosting, its not just for cupcakes!

It looks amazing on a cattle trailer too, turning it from red to white

itty bity ice crystals melting where the sun hits - all very exciting to a Floridian who usually only sees this kind of thing when leaving the freezer door open too long while looking at ice cream choices...

Its probably not a good idea to put your prize picture in the middle but here goes anyway,


the frozen tundra (just last week it was a hay field)

frozen leaves

icy roses

and last but not least! I bring you some mighty unhappy little chilly chickens who no longer like this Florida and want their money back.


  1. My friend, who is traveling to Florida tomorrow for a wedding, is not going to be happy. She's leaving temps like that in MO and doesn't want to see them in Florida.

  2. Oh dear...she is probably going to wish for more warmth than she will find I am afraid!

    Good to see you here Teresa


  3. Hi Indie! Extraordinary! love your rooster, posed in front of the flowers, the leaves in front, a real still-life-with-life. Strange to think of tundra in Florida, but there it is!