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Friday, December 31, 2010

Dining Etiquette 101

Sometimes its good to have a gentle reminder of what constitutes a fine dining experience. With so much food being eaten on the run or in front of electronic devices of various sorts there is a danger that time honored traditions can slip by the wayside.
Never may that happen!
Lets begin with a couple of "don'ts".
Or maybe more than a couple.....
One definite don't would be to ask your dinner companions if all the gnoshing makes your butt look big.
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Nobody wants to think about your butt while they eat. That is just basic 101 Lady, so if you are really a "Lady" ...just don't...
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That is best Lady. Good for you!
Moving along with our list of do nots
(not to be confused with donuts - that is another list entirely)

This would probably be a good point to mention that good dining manners would include not having food on your face OR hanging out of your mouth...
OR your nose for that matter!

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and as for reclining at the dinner table...
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unless you live in ancient Rome or are one of the 12 apostles,

That is considered highly inappropriate also.

Ahem! Do you here me? Someone needs to "steer" you steers in the right direction that's for sure....

Sometimes guests both invited and unexpected will show up for dinner. It is considered poor form to look down ones nose at such guests.

Its a much better course to show a keen interest, make good eye contact and listen carefully

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For the fact of the matter is...

no matter what culture, race, gender or species divides us, the act of coming together in peace to share something as simple as a meal,

is what unites us.

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  1. So very true! I see your animals are as tolerant as ours...if humans would just get that lesson!