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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Here A Honk,There A Honk...

Lady the horse came thundering into the corral yesterday, head up ears pricked forward tail streaming like a banner, she skidded to a stop just in time for the fence snorting loudly. Fear? Excitement? Indignant? All three?

The last time she was this worked up was when a couple of deer jumped into her paddock while making their way across the farm. She wasnt at all sure where those "mutant horses" had come from and why no one sent her a memo about their impending arrival. Before she could even get a good lather going they were gone, clearing a fence as effortlessly as Lady could only do in her dreams.

Since Lady continued to run up and down the fence line snorting, I decided it must not be a here one minute gone the next deer invasion. So what then? A stray plastic bag caught in a tree limb maybe?

What I saw when I went to investigate sent me flying back inside for my camera.....

I was afraid they would leave if I got too close thus the skulking around in the weeds by the fence line. Nothing seemed to deter them though. Not crazy camera woman, not even Lady and a couple of steers who wandered over to watch. That is IF prancing 5o feet one way and wheeling and prancing 50 feet the other way with tail arched and snorting can actually be defined as mere "watching".

Two females and a male. Busily feasting. Do geese eat grass? Seeing geese is rare and always before just flying overhead. It was thrilling to see them on the ground. These particular geese I would find out later (thank you Google)are called Snow Geese and live in Northern Canada and Nova Scotia. Their migratory path usually takes them to the coast of Lousiana. Perhaps the extreme early cold has pushed them furthur south this year? That newly sprouted field of rye must have looked delicious from above, convincing them to land for a long lunch. They looked amazingly plump after such a long journey.

Once the shadows across the field grew long, they gracefully took flight, in formation, male in the lead heading southwest flying towards the setting sun.

It took another few minutes for Lady to calm down and settle in at her hay bale for a long winter chomp herself.

and once again, all was right with her world.


  1. A wonderful tale beautifully told, and I for one certainly appreciate and sympathise with Lady's point of view. I mean to say, what?

  2. Lovely, and yes, geese are grazers. At least ours are, I don't know if all are I guess...Lady was wise to be careful, on our farm the geese are the head honchos, from dog, to billy goat, to ram, they are all afraid of the geese. Thanks again!