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Saturday, September 4, 2010

September Is Here

A mid morning shot that perfectly captures the Florida mood this time of year. The abundance of heat and rain and over growth of August is all around us. But the wind has picked up and it is drying out. A farmer friend told me she can "smell the fall coming"

May she please be right!

So goodby August with your heavy rain and 100 degree days. Now we get to leave the greenhouse effect behind and move into the fall and winter that makes Florida a paradise to live in.

Happy September to you all~


  1. It is a beautiful COOL morning in Arkansas. Sat on the deck early drinking coffee with hubby. I love Fall, my favorite time of year. I hope all is well with you!
    The Park Wife

  2. I love fall, as well...but it is all too fleeting here in OHIO! The leaves are already falling, about a month early, due to a very hot & dry August. Too soon, cold days will be upon us with winds whipping through even the warmest of clothes and snow up to our windowsills! I think it would be nice to actually look forward to winter...can I come to stay in Florida for a few months?!?!? ;)