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Saturday, June 2, 2012

rain rain rain

It rained
 the crops never grew in our barren spring
 the dirt became less than dirt
 powdered corn starch
 the kids did jigs they called rain dances
 to appease the worried frown in the elders heads

 now it is raining
 the ground is solid again
 people in the grocery store gathered to buy meat for their BBQs
 and laughed about having to grill in the rain
here everyone understands

 IF there is no rain the deer cannot eat
 predators that depend on deer can not eat with out them
 we have no protection against rabbits and squirrels taking over
 nibbling all the crops before they can grow
 otherwise "cute" little critters those rabbits and swuirrels,
 like a team of rats breaking in to your house
 and eating all your food
 if they eat all the green growing things
 the cattle could not survive
 without cattle, the people could not survive

 nature has a finite balance
a hand as sharp as an executioners sword
it fell in our favor today.

1 comment:

  1. Yay for rain. We got a good soaking this last week.

    The balance of nature has to have all the ingredients or it doesn't work.