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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


You tropical storm you...

not quite a hurricane.

Still causing lots of flooding and damage.

For us its 50/50

This is washing away the expensive fertlizer we put out (bad)

but is helping the peanut and the hay crops (good)

Overall it is relieving the moderate drought conditions we have been in

There is some flooding for the poor folks who live near rivers and an alligator was found swimming in a school parking lot.

As for me, I am staying indoors. Other than milking and feeding animals, nothing much is happening. If you discount the 20 inches of rain we have gotten.

What Debby looks like from my dining room:

From my kitchen

front door

open front door to catch the drips pouring down the gutter
(note - this is during a lull since the wind blows water in the door during the hard rain)

Just found another benefit of Debby....
the deck is chicken poop free!

Thanks Debby.

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