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Friday, June 29, 2012

Cause & Effect


tap tap tap....

this thing on?

Well  folks, I am "Turkey Lurkey", your featured reporter today.

For some strange reason every night when I go in my house (yes, I have my own house and no mortgage thank you very much)

someone comes along and locks the fence around my house!

I hate it,

 makes me feel so "cooped up" so to speak and I have to wait on someone with hands to come along and help a girl out.....

so I can go where I rightfully belong to spend my day....

Thats me on the left just chatting with my pal "Martha Stewart". 

In addition to pooping all over the deck I have another talent my people love...

I lay eggs!

Ta da!

That's right....I have a natural talent not many possess.

I poop edible food out of my butt. 


I thought so!

So that is why I can say............



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