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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is It Monday Again Already???

Its harvest time here in the deep South!

Peanuts are one of our crops and we have just begun the peanut harvest.

The first step is to dig them out of the ground. Then they dry a couple days and then a combine shuffles and sorts peanuts from plant.

The only thing we need is window of clear dry weather.

Which we have.

So far.

Tonight we gathered around the fire pit.

There is something so primal and elemental about fire isnt there?

Stories were told

along with much laughing and doggie farts*

the *"said doggies" tried to look innocent as they lounged around our feet near the fire.

We looked at the planet Jupiter, so far away and yet 4 moons were visible with a lens. Supposedly this is the last time to view this for 50 more years?

If so, some of us are seeing it for the first time and some of us will never see it again. As night closes in, the the little ones find a comfortable lap to curl up on.

Beautiful and restful.

The thing about a fire is...

its wonderful

and oh yes,

smoke gets in your eyes (and nose)

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