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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The True Tale Of Honey Bun and Her Side Kick Oreo

You may remember me talking about having sick calves and running IVs a few weeks ago.

This little girl, Honey Bun, got well but lost some ground (weight wise) in the meantime.

She is with her "age group" but she is the smallest (and she is not all that bright) so she struggles.

It was time to step in. Help her pick up the pace and gain some weight.

So I started by sneaking her a bite of grain when the big honchos weren't looking.

BUT HoneyBun was uneasy with her new found bucket of goodness because she pines for her BFF.

Her BFF is a smart wily, feisty little heifer named Oreo.

Oreo looks after HoneyBun and HoneyBun adores her.

So now, Oreo who is perfectly healthy and has no "need" to be out roaming free,

gets to!

Because she keeps HoneyBun happy and calm.

Oreo's first act of freedom was to scarf down the rest of HoneyBun's sweet feed.

*note to self: will need to have TWO buckets of sweet feed from now on. (sigh)

HoneyBun says, "thank you farm lady for bringing Oreo to me. My life is good now."

Oreo says, "yeah, thanks! I could get used to this life outside the pen. BFF's rock!


  1. What a great story Indie! A friend of mine has chicken's and write stories about her is so obvious when someone adores their farm animals!

    Take care,

  2. Loving Honey Bun and Oreo. Lovely that a calf feeling punk has the chance to be out in the sun with a friend. Enjoyed your minimalistic telling, true to the farm lady :-), and the pictures are priceless -- Honey Bun flat on the ground, depressed and ill, trying to become one with the earth, being talked out of it by the clever Oreo. Well, keep away from the big honchos! Mama Sebo