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Sunday, October 10, 2010


TEN is the number of today...

10 things I love
(not necessarily in order of importance)

1) rain
2) down filled anything
3) the open eyes of children
4) loyalty
5) family
6)a lazy Sunday morning with bagels, coffee and the CBS Early Show
7)the smell of baking bread
8)the amazing gift of a best friend
10)a pencil scratching across a fresh white sheet of paper.

10 Things I Didn't Know

1) That I could be 50 and still feel 20
2) That all that glitters isn't gold
3)That sunrises and sunsets have the same power. No matter how many of them you see.
4)That each day is an opportunity to reinvent yourself
5)That I would have the best of people still in my life for another 10 years
6)That love is still the most powerful force
7)That I would admire my two daughters-in-law as much as I do
8) Ditto #7 for my son-in-law
9)That this difficult economy would be a blessing in disguise
10)That I would feel this profoundly grateful for the above.

10/10/10 Psychology
The number ten seems to give people that warm, fuzzy feeling:
“I won TEN thousand dollars!”
“I got TEN things done today.”
Then of course, there are the ever ubiquitous Top Ten lists. The top Top-Ten lists are (in no particular order):
Top Ten To Do, Top Ten Reasons, Top Ten Links/Websites, Top Ten Music/Songs, Top Ten Movies, Top Ten Headlines, Top Ten Jokes, Top Ten Mistakes, Late Show Top Ten, Top Ten Reviews/Lists.

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  1. awesome post!


  2. You inspire me to try to be a better person. To look at things more optimistically and be grateful for simple things. A post for the soul indeed!!

  3. Loved the last bit the most.

    10:10 am :)