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Monday, May 3, 2010

A Conversation With Turkey Lurky...

Most of you who read here will remember her...

She got her name from her very unique and slightly retarded (in a most endearing way) cockeyed dippity do cockscomb on top of her head.
See what I mean?

It seemed to be belaboring the obvious to name her "Cocky Locky", how lacking in imagination would that be? So she is named after "Cocky Locky's" pal....
"Turkey Lurky"

Much better name - one that you didnt see coming.

A name she completely embraces and lives up to.

While other chickens peck and cluck. "Turkey Lurky" carries on a conversation.

She follows all the rules of good conversation making.

She gets on your level and makes good eye contact..

She waits for you to speak and then opens her mouth when its her "turn"

Tonight's topic of concern was about those low life neighbors of ours,
especially this one in particular...

Seems he has been growling when she and her her "peeps" (yes, I really did just say that...) try to check out his food bowl. Worse than the growling, which he has always done and which they have always ignored, he has now taken to laying down on top of his food bowl...something that they cannot ignore because he weighs 160 pounds and there are laws involving physics and size and so on that just completely are beyond "Turkey Lurkys" immediate control.

While I sympathized with her plight, I was forced to point out these same laws of physics prevent me from moving "Blue" from any spot he chooses to be in, so really she and I am in the same boat so to speak....This caused much shaking back and forth of her little head

along with her well thought out reply that speaking of being in boats, if I would quit gallivanting off to the beach and stay home and dole out the cracked corn in a more timely fashion, she wouldn't have to worry about eyeing the Purina.....

and with that...

"Game, set, match"

And the conversational winner is:

"Turkey Lurky!"


  1. Very funny - once again. But yes I think Blue wins. Turkey Lurkey - well she's a beauty.

    Teresa aka Journaling Woman (sorry I'm logged in under the ruralhood blog)

  2. Always good to see you (under any name or blog)


  3. Hi Indie!!!

    I really wish Turkey Lurky and her peeps were in a children's book! I just love the way you write, and the pictures fit so well with your words!

    Re: the pizza We used the last of the dough last night, and I'm going to have to force myself to make more, because it really was nice to have on hand! I might split the recipe in half though. I don't think my newborn babies were as big as that dough I was wrestling!

    Love ya!


  4. Indie, i really like this polite lady.

    Why don't you write a children's book on these adventures? You are very imaginative.

    love you.:)

  5. Turkey Lurky returns!! LOL, she is a beauty - cockeyed dippity do and all :). Old Blue is a smart boy - lying on his bowl to foil Turkey Lurky's nefarious plans to steal his Purina.....all in a day's work...and never a dull moment!!!


  6. i loved this. i concur-you should write a childrens book. my granddaughter would love it!!