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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bovine Buffet

We've all seen it, right?

That kid that butts ahead in the school lunch line, or the adult at the movie theatre ticket line or for that matter any kind of situation that involves waiting patiently for a desired thing.

There's always that "one" that just cant seem to think that decorum or manners apply to them....

While they may irritate with their crassness, you do have to admire their ability to take being glared at by all the passive aggressive aggrieved ones around them. Some (like New Jersey evidently) look around to see if anyone else notices this outrageous behavior

This bovine butinski howerver does NOT approve of others doing what she is in fact doing and warns them to back off with a glare and loud huffing noises...

An inherent part of being "one of those who chose the best places" is a terrific ability to absolutely not care about those who would try to censor their behavoir through glances and stares.

You lookin at me?

"Take a picture lady, it'll last longer..."

See what I mean? Its all about the attitude~


  1. Seems she is in charge, hope her name is Bossy!

    Nice horse photos, too!

  2. I think you just named her.

    We will call her "Bossy Flossy"

    Thank you mattenlou!