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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who Goes There?

We have this "thing" that grows here in the south called Pampas Grass.

Its a big tufty thing and was originally planted at a corner to stop the gradual erosion of that spot.

That worked out well and the thing has become ginormous and is pretty I guess if you like that sort of thing, which I do. It has other uses as well...

the dogs will sometimes retreat into it for a private napping spot. The kids also use it in hide and seek games. It is a great hiding spot.

I walked out my front door and at first it felt like any ordinary day...

only I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched.....

everything was still.

The cows were all busy munching down on hay, the dogs were all gone on doggie errands and yet that feeling remained...

of being stared at.

And there it was!

Under the Pampas Grass, something white, no black, had me fixed in its beady eyed stare.

Can you see it there in the Pampas Grass?


See what I mean about a great hiding spot?

Just ask Oreo!~

She was laying down at first but with each click of the lens while I kept creeping closer she heaved herself to her feet and glared at me as only Oreo - the queen of self entitlement-can.

Thats ok Oreo. We all understand the need to take a break once in awhile~

Sunday, October 10, 2010


TEN is the number of today...

10 things I love
(not necessarily in order of importance)

1) rain
2) down filled anything
3) the open eyes of children
4) loyalty
5) family
6)a lazy Sunday morning with bagels, coffee and the CBS Early Show
7)the smell of baking bread
8)the amazing gift of a best friend
10)a pencil scratching across a fresh white sheet of paper.

10 Things I Didn't Know

1) That I could be 50 and still feel 20
2) That all that glitters isn't gold
3)That sunrises and sunsets have the same power. No matter how many of them you see.
4)That each day is an opportunity to reinvent yourself
5)That I would have the best of people still in my life for another 10 years
6)That love is still the most powerful force
7)That I would admire my two daughters-in-law as much as I do
8) Ditto #7 for my son-in-law
9)That this difficult economy would be a blessing in disguise
10)That I would feel this profoundly grateful for the above.

10/10/10 Psychology
The number ten seems to give people that warm, fuzzy feeling:
“I won TEN thousand dollars!”
“I got TEN things done today.”
Then of course, there are the ever ubiquitous Top Ten lists. The top Top-Ten lists are (in no particular order):
Top Ten To Do, Top Ten Reasons, Top Ten Links/Websites, Top Ten Music/Songs, Top Ten Movies, Top Ten Headlines, Top Ten Jokes, Top Ten Mistakes, Late Show Top Ten, Top Ten Reviews/Lists.

posted at 10:10 a.m by yours truly.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The True Tale Of Honey Bun and Her Side Kick Oreo

You may remember me talking about having sick calves and running IVs a few weeks ago.

This little girl, Honey Bun, got well but lost some ground (weight wise) in the meantime.

She is with her "age group" but she is the smallest (and she is not all that bright) so she struggles.

It was time to step in. Help her pick up the pace and gain some weight.

So I started by sneaking her a bite of grain when the big honchos weren't looking.

BUT HoneyBun was uneasy with her new found bucket of goodness because she pines for her BFF.

Her BFF is a smart wily, feisty little heifer named Oreo.

Oreo looks after HoneyBun and HoneyBun adores her.

So now, Oreo who is perfectly healthy and has no "need" to be out roaming free,

gets to!

Because she keeps HoneyBun happy and calm.

Oreo's first act of freedom was to scarf down the rest of HoneyBun's sweet feed.

*note to self: will need to have TWO buckets of sweet feed from now on. (sigh)

HoneyBun says, "thank you farm lady for bringing Oreo to me. My life is good now."

Oreo says, "yeah, thanks! I could get used to this life outside the pen. BFF's rock!

Is It Monday Again Already???

Its harvest time here in the deep South!

Peanuts are one of our crops and we have just begun the peanut harvest.

The first step is to dig them out of the ground. Then they dry a couple days and then a combine shuffles and sorts peanuts from plant.

The only thing we need is window of clear dry weather.

Which we have.

So far.

Tonight we gathered around the fire pit.

There is something so primal and elemental about fire isnt there?

Stories were told

along with much laughing and doggie farts*

the *"said doggies" tried to look innocent as they lounged around our feet near the fire.

We looked at the planet Jupiter, so far away and yet 4 moons were visible with a lens. Supposedly this is the last time to view this for 50 more years?

If so, some of us are seeing it for the first time and some of us will never see it again. As night closes in, the the little ones find a comfortable lap to curl up on.

Beautiful and restful.

The thing about a fire is...

its wonderful

and oh yes,

smoke gets in your eyes (and nose)