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Monday, May 20, 2013

Breaking the Rules

I saw something just a little irregular today on my way to work today...

whats this?

I am driving down a lane between two pastures

straight ahead there are two cows...

notice that they are OUTSIDE

the fence?

This is breaking ALL the country club rules and I must hasten over in my golf cart and remind/reinforce them!

That is Cody on the left and Sarah on the right (and a cowbird in the middle)

Sarah, you are so beautiful...I remember feeding you your first bottle...I knew you were going to be big and go far....and look!

You are big and you have gone far...

outside the fence that is.

And Cody?

We do not keep bulls on a dairy farm.

The only exception to that rule is if a "Rock Star" cow has a bull calf that is from an "Amazing" bull - then and only then will we keep you...

and you are that one in a million Cody,

The problem is we shouldn't have named you Cody

We should have named you wanderlust

or if that isn't a name then maybe Daniel Boone or something

because you are a wanderer

I find you in every field but the one you actually belong in

For the entire last month he put himself in the close up pen - cows that will be birthing within days. So there  were all these big waddling soon to be Mamas and.....Cody!

They get fed a little more, maybe that was the appeal?

So Mr are a sweetheart considering one day you will weigh over a 1000 pounds and be the size of a minivan.

Now you just want to get a scratch behind the ears don't you?


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