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Monday, May 6, 2013


Another irrefutable sign that spring is in full swing is the constant chug and thrum of tractors in the distance.

Here is the John Deere. Breaking ground to plant silage for the late summer and fall.

This picture shows how much has to be plowed but maybe I can get a little closer...

thats a little bit better!

So thats the action on the eastern front, turning west we find the Duetz, the prize of the farm. This tractor is over 70 years old, German made and can outwork anything on the place. It is also the only tractor that will start without a jump off when the temperature drops in to the 20s or below.

This field has already been plowed and what is happening now is it is being tamped down with a big heavy roller. Packing the loose soil helps it retain moisture for the seeds that will be planted.


The cowbirds are the "foremans" of the job on a day like today. They are everywhere at once supervising. They feast on the grasshoppers and other bugs that are sent scurrying by the noise and activity of the equipment.


They are nervy little rascals and will stay on the ground pecking and eating until the very last second before the tractor makes a pass and just barely misses them as the reluctantly take wing only to land again the second the tractor passes by.

The last tractor is smack dab in the middle of the other two and is cutting down the last of the winter oats to be made in to hay. This is cut with a special cutting arm (that white thing near the ground on the right of the tractor) that lays it out like palm fronds so that it will dry faster.

It is night now as I post this.

The tractors are all silent and idle. In place of all the activity and noise, is a quiet stillness. The only proof of their busy day is the warm rich smell of newly turned earth coupled with the tangy scent of cut grass. There is a slight breeze wafting the scent across the fields in a way that begs for windows to be left open. 

Spring has not traditionally been  my favorite time of year....but I have to say, it definitely has its own charm, I think it is growing on me...      

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  1. Cowbirds? I've never heard of them. They're kind of cute.