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Friday, March 22, 2013

Meet Scully

No she isn't  FBI Special Agent Scully and she knows nada about X-Files!

Scully was born with an odd bent angle to her spine. Probably this is due to laying in an awkward position in utero before she was born.

This isn't a great picture of her but it shows the odd alignment of her spine, especially on her left side.

When calves are very small I keep them in individual pens so I can handle them and feed them their bottles with no competition. As soon as they are big enough I move them to a group pen. There, they can run and romp and play with other calves that are on their same developmental level.

In Scully's case I felt it was imperative to get her in a group setting as soon as possible. The hope was that running and bucking and playing would help to straighten out her spine.

It is working!!!

Scully one week after moving in to her bigger play area:


Its always amazing how if given a chance, nature will many times correct its own mistakes. All we have to do is provide the right situation to enable it to happen.

Scully (surrounded by her peeps) is going to do just fine!

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