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Friday, August 13, 2010

A Morning Nap

Ever wake up so early that by 10:00 a.m. you are exhausted?

Yesterday was a little like that.

I was up late the night before (being "lady liberty") and the funny thing about staying up late on a farm is that it does not necessarily translate into sleeping in the next morning!

I have one inside dog, the rest sleep outside. This inside dog Emmie, cannot make herself rest past dawn though. She is a canine alarm clock and somewhere between 6 and 6:30 she shoves her nose against mine (or sits and whines loudly) until I stumble to my feet and open the door for her. Opening the door then makes me curious about the weather ( you obsess about weather on a farm) and I stand there rubbing my face and looking at a fog covered world and wonder about the weather that will be for that day. This thought makes me pick up the remote and flip on the TV weather.....which all in all means I am pretty much up at this point.

What that leads to is sometimes being a little tired and needing a nap or a doughnut or coffee or something around 10:00am.

Today however, at 10:00 I was in high gear. Two of our trucks were broken down. One had a leaky radiator the other was/is a fuel pump(?)

A flurry of phone calls and ordering parts added to the days normal routine.

That did not mean that naps were not being had though...

As I happened to pass by a door I saw this:

break time in the poultry world....

my usually taciturn and remote rooster, dozing right by the door! That never happens.

He looks dead doesnt he?

and just inside the door the same thing was happening in "canine" world

only this always happens....

Emmie does her "doggie yoga" each morning come what may...

This is her "upward facing dog" pose (she likes to live outside the lines)

Here is her "downward goddess" pose

Her "go away you are annoying" pose...

But the rooster was what really intrigued me. He wont let you get close to him. He is a very cautious fellow that way. So to see him lay right on the beaten path so to speak was a first. I went out the front door and crept around to the side of the house where he was taking his fiesta cuddled against the lemon tree...

in the time it took to walk out the front door and around to the side of the house, he had shifted his position and moved even closer to "danger" (the door).

I wished I could get a close enough shot to see his 3 eyelids, they look like membranes. One is clear and goes from side to side, one goes down and the other closes up. Pretty fascinating stuff but every time the camera clicked - he opened them.

You know what just dawned on me? "Roo" has no eyelashes! None at all, nadda. Thereby eliminating all need to ever buy mascara, which is good since he doesnt drive, so how would he go get his mascara in the first place? And even if he did have eyelashes and he did drive to get his own mascara, then what? Would he have to sing on American Idol, change his name to Adam, move to California and become a rocker? Where would this lead poor little "Roo" in his life?

No. He is better off nappping in the sun at 10:00 am on my deck. Sometimes nature really does know best.

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  1. Loved this. It reminded me of the good old days when it was okay to laze around at times. A good old hammock in the yard or rocking chairs on the front porch. You seem to still have that feel on your farm. It is nice to contemplate.