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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today was warm(er) and filled with sunshine.

The horses and cows basked in the liquid gold flowing down from the sky.

The air had that rare and unique clarity that only such harsh weather followed by a sunny day can provide.

Its always a good sign when the cows lay down and warm themselves in the sun instead of standing up to keep away from the cold ground.

The calves flourished in their makeshift tent and even discovered that the walls that surrounded them were edible!

"Whats this stuff I wonder.....I think I'll taste it...."

"wow! thats really good"

Its always a great day when you find out that something you thought was just a structure is actually edible. Kind of like the bovine equivelent of a gingerbread house!


  1. Glad to see it's warming up for you. It's always a little unsettling for us up here in the north when it's even cold down south! Boy, what I wouldn't give to get out of this cold for awhile and warm my toes in some sand! I guess I'll have to settle for a big mug of hot chocolate and some fuzzy socks! ;)

  2. Thanks Beth, your idea about sand warmed toes sounds pretty good about now!