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Thursday, January 21, 2010


A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?

This has been one of those rare times when I am living completely on my own and "The Hub" is out of town. "Handsome Son" is still here to do the heavy lifting but I am convinced (in my mind if not in reality) that he couldn't possibly make it without my help. So I get up extra early and help (get in his way) put out hay and drive cows and whatever else I can find to do of the annoying helpful variety.

Our Arctic blast of 10 days ago was replaced by a few brief days of sunshine quickly followed by the diluvian conditions of today.

Trust me, when you wake up to a concrete gray sky at 7am and turn on the weather channel only to see see a big red spot (never mind the green or the yellow)headed right toward you on the satellite map, you re going to get rain.

Boy did we!

By noon my front yard looked like this as I sloshed my way home

standing water covered my brick path and more rain was on the way.

Just one problem...

Having been on my own for a few days, I put off my most dreaded chore, grocery shopping. After all, I just had to feed me so I have been eating eggs the chickens lay (ran out of bread a few days ago)and saltine crackers with peanut butter. Heaven! But one of those cravings has been slowly building and with the dark and the wind and the rain it became more than a craving. It became a "have too".

My favorite thing to eat in all the world on a rainy day.

Campbell's Tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich for dipping.

Only problem was I had just one of the ingredients to create the fantasy meal I craved, the cheese.

The grocery store still was a Nemesis I wanted to avoid but there IS a mini mart just 3 short miles away from where I stood at my front door.....

staring at this

Part of me wanted to just eat the rest of the saltine crackers with some mustard and call it good.

The other part of me screamed and demanded soup with melted cheese and toast like a tyrannical three year old.

The 3 year old won.

I jumped in my car.

I drove.

And yes, I'll admit it, I grocery shopped at the Jiffy store.

That can of Campbell's and loaf of bread was singing my song!

Three miles back home, still raining

aah, envy this!

But wait!

A grilled cheese sandwich is only ready when the melted cheese slides out of the toasted buttery bread and on to the cast iron griddle with a sizzling sound.


I enjoyed my steamy tomato soup and crispy grilled cheese while I savored my now placid lakefront view.

I have always wanted to live on a lake.


  1. Boy, do I hate grocery shopping, too! And it's even worse to go in the rain!

    Yummmm...your soup & sandwich look so good! My 6-yr. old was begging for tomato soup & "girl" cheese for lunch today, but I was in too much of a rush. Maybe I'll surprise him with it for lunch tomorrow. I started sprinkling garlic salt on one buttery, toasted side because my kids love garlic bread. They think it's really good that way.

    Try to stay high & dry, Indie!

  2. That sounds luscious Beth. LOL at the "girl" cheese :>)


  3. I tried to find an image of Jesus on your grilled cheese sandwich, but the only thing I found was Orion's Belt in your soup. Bottom left of the bowl.

  4. Hey, did you send all that rain to New England? It was pouring here today, with that same flooding going on.

    We were without heat for a few days waiting for repairs... we had tomato soup in the middle of the night, from our emergency stockpile, so yummy! We were sadly out of cheese, but made the sandwiches the next day, so good!

    Amazing what we'll drive through to satisfy those cravings!

  5. Wow Kenny!

    Thats pretty observant of you, I hadnt noticed till you pointed that out. Thanks!


  6. Glad you stock tomato soup. I will too from now on!

    Stay dry Mattenlou.


  7. Thanks for stopping by Wishful Nals!