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Thursday, May 21, 2009

broken dishes/broken dreams

I was fixing a meal in the kitchen and just like that, a dish slipped off the counter and on to the tile below. I watched it happen. It only took an instant and it was no longer a dish but a remnant of "what was left". Dishes break as do dreams, I mused as I picked up the shattered pieces. The two comparisons veer off and lose their similarity once they are broken though. The dish was a victim of a wet counter top and an unmindful cook. But dreams? They break more slowly and deliberately. They are a direct result of our choices or the lack thereof.

Now that is a scary thought. Much easier to believe that our dreams get lost to us through sheer accident rather than by our own acts of omission/commission. Much harder to find that tipping point where our dreams slowly became the "remnants of what is left". Rather than being an accident, it seems it is more a matter of courage or lack thereof. We all want our dreams with one hand, while we want to indulge our need for safe and secure with the other.

This was pretty heavy duty for reverie. Especially since I had the rest of a meal to prepare. I threw the bits and pieces in the trash and went back to the work at hand. I hope I got all the tiniest of slivers so I don't get an unexpected painful reminder later when my bare foot finds it. Ouch! Although that cant possibly be as painful as the merest sliver of a reminder of broken dreams can it?

Fortunately for the dreams, its not too late. There is still today.

Followed by tomorrow and the rest of the future, blank with possibility.

Reminds me of the words of the song

/Listen to your voice
The one that tells you to taste past the tip of your tongue
Leap and the net will appear /

This is from"Make It Mine" by Jason Mraz.

You can hear the song here

I found this remarkable songwriter when he hooked up with one of my very favs Colbie Caillat. Here they are doing their duet "Lucky"">

Hope you are having a great day and are moving in the direction of your dreams, even if its in a small way. Courage is found in small things acted upon.

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