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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Rites of Passage


If  it is Thanksgiving and Christmas that heralds the coming  together of family, it must be June that whispers the quiet reminder.

It does so through its time honored spot as the month of graduations. brides and vacations. 
Extended families come together briefly, new family members meet old ones, memories are re told and new ones are made.

The sui generis month of summer.

We just got a chance to experience this when family came to visit. One of the visitors was the Matriarch of our family, a family treasure to all of us. Here on the farm happens to reside our own youngest family member (of this particular little branch of the family). While this oldest and youngest family member have met before, he was a wide eyed newborn who didn't get much in the way of a memory, being so young.

This time was different. He made a friend with this family member he didn't really know. They colored together in his Winnie the Poo book. He garbled in his little language that straddles an arc somewhere between English and "who knows what" and she answered him.

What was being said? Who knows? But feelings were being forged.

When it was time to go, no one had to tell this little guy it was time for parting. He knows what bye -bye means.

When he was lifted up to say goodbye he launched himself in to waiting arms. Arms that instantly wrapped.around his little self, hands folding in a way that that spoke of may years of hugging   little ones.

It was a thing of beauty to see this child who wont hold still for one millisecond, nestle in with a smile and close his eyes. He recognized this as a great place to be.

This woman making him feel so loved in that moment, once a girl who climbed trees to read her precious books, now a mother, grandmother and great grandmother, had the experienced touch of love that cannot be taught but only comes from decades of doing it.

Many elements make a good picture. An interesting subject, good lighting, perfect framing, all play a part....

but the best pictures tell a story.

Like this one.

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