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Monday, December 16, 2013

Baby Its Cold Outside!

Living in Florida, we tend to think anything below 70 is exciting. So when it goes down in to the 40s or even the high 30s at night we get hysterical.

A frosty window becomes a work of art.


Isnt that amazing? Put down your snow shovels, take off your boots and come look people! You dont want to miss this. Frost on a window. Ah, the wonder of it all...

it transforms things...makes the banana tree peeking safely out from its warm earthen pot indoors, look as though its been spray painted in silver.

Sadly there is a blue sky full of sunlight waiting to melt my sugar cookie glazed windows...

even the little drawings on the bottom right pane made by hungry chickens little faces peeking in, wondering what is holding up breakfast.

Silly chickies...why just the other day they were complaining about me following them around taking pictures. They ESPECIALLY dont like me taking their picture before they have combed their hair and put on their make-up! 

"NO early morning pictures pleeease" is what they always say.

So sorry chickaroos, I can only take so many pictures of icy glass before I start looking around 


aha! Let me take a few more chicken pictures to go with my seven million other chicken pictures!

One can never have too many photos of fabulous fowl, thats what I always say!

As for the chickens? 

Well THEY say............

"oh no, here she comes with that camera again!

run for it!"


  1. Aww Random and Sandy ... :) I miss them! Thanks for the picture!