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Saturday, September 8, 2012

September Slam!

Well September has finally come!

We knew we were in for a very exciting month. We have 40 baby calves due from now to early October.  The first two, Tami and Zinnia, have been with us for a week and the living has been easy.

Today that has all changed.

When I went on maternity check in pasture 6 this morning I found not one but two new ones.

This is our herd leader #91 and her new baby. He is curious about me but mama doesn't like that

Mama paces the tree line, soft low mooing calls him back to her

Meanwhile about 50 feet away, was this little jewel

Her mama was licking her dry and she was blinking in this bright new world she has entered.

Within minutes she was dry and fluffy and scampering around. She was joined by three more calves, a bull and two more heifers and all before lunch!

Everybody is healthy and now it is 7 down (counting Tami and Zinnia) and 33 to go!

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