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Thursday, March 1, 2012

2 Dog Night

What did you do last night around midnight or so?

Watch Letterman? The late news?

Or were you already off to dream land?

I had to jacket .p and go back to check on a baby calf thats not eating well. I have to feed her smaller amounts more often and it was time for her last feeding of the day.

Dixie dawg didnt seem thrilled at going for a joy ride. She is not very helpul late at night. She doesnt want her doggie bed turning into a pumpkin.

Fortunately Emme doesnt feel the same way. She is a real night owl and always up for an adventure


So pack up the bottle and off we go!


the barn is a half mile away and it is


The barn and milk parlor look cheery in the night.

The barnyard is not a place to wander around blind. You dont want to go bump in the night cause that could really hurt

Fortunately I have my lethal light with cornea burning capabilities and off we go!

the calf was happy to see us and enjoyed her warm bottle.

Home to bed and good night to all.


  1. Gee, I wouldn't be going alone. Yay for Emma. Bad Dixie Dawg. (I'm more like her. I like my comfort.) I love your pups. So cute.


  2. Hey, I just saw your comment about your son and DIL. I hope they are ok. I found out after I posted that, my former inlaws homes were destroyed. That's a couple of miles from me. I'm going to post about it on Monday. The devastation here is great, but not as bad as Branson. I am shocked my in-laws were not killed. They were in it when the tornado blew out part of their house. Amazing. I'm still breaking down over it and really wish I would stop. :)Thanks for checking on me. PS If you ever come up this way, we need to meet somewhere for lunch.