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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Im Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair

So today started out as a bright sunny beautiful day.

Time to get a lot done!

First, open the windows and let the sun shine in.

Nothing makes a better feeling than cleaning (after you are done with it that is).

Kitchen floor mopped! check

Dusting completed! check

Wood floors polished! check

Now on with the porch....leaves have been blowing and getting stuck on the porch. Plus the mud from many cowboy boots treadding in and out all day. And of course, ahem, the feathered ones and their lovely (not so much) droppings they leave behind. I was ready to turn on the "Jet" feature of my hose and blast away!

And then I came around the corner to this

It appears that "Gregory Peck" is enjoying this rare sunny winter morning in his own right. Sunning on the porch...the porch I am all primed to blast with a frigid hose set on high beam!

I come to a screeching halt, hose in hand. I glare at him and raise the hose in a menacing fashion. That should do the trick, no?


No indeed. Instead he stretched luxuriously and would have yawned - if he had a mouth that is...

As it was, he just watched me with his one calm eye, while he lay there...feathers gleaming majestic shades of green and red in the sun.

All of the sudden I felt like room service at a 5 star hotel,

didn't you see the Do Not Disturb sign on the door?

Bowing my head respectfully I backed my way off the porch and laid the hose down for another time.

While I wait for the all clear, what else is there to do but blog this post?

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