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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesdays With "Tortie"

an update

after a few short hours of getting to know "Tortie"

up close and personal

"what chu lookin at?"

and just some quality time hanging out together....

"Tortie" quietly took a walk (escaped) while everyones eye was turned. We have a pretty good idea (based on the dog sniffing interest) that he took up residence here in a log pile nearby.

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At least we hope so. We would love to have Tortie in residence!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mondays Menagerie

"Flippers" the gosling and his chickie friends "Blossom" and "Speckles" have been joined by 5 more baby chicks. Who can resist such springtime cuteness?

In addition to the chicks, the baby goose and assorted dogs there is now

ta da...

a turtle!

Thats right, a gopher turtle to be exact. He was laying on the side of a sandy road trapped on his back and waving his little legs in a futile attempt to right himself. So he was picked up and brought to the farm where his fascinated young rescuers offered him a meal of fruit and bread. "Tortie" took in all of our interest with an amazingly calm and equally curious attitude.

He didnt seem to feel the need to retreat into the home he wears on his back but rather, took it all in stride.

"Flippers" loves swimming

and so does "Tortie" who swam along quite happily, completely unfazed by the big purple whale staring up at him from the bottom of the pool!

Even a dog or two took a refreshing dip

"Flippers", what did you think about swimming with "Tortie"?