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Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Another Day (in paradise?)

I woke up to a hot morning sun.

We have reached to end of another summer.

A time when everything feels overblown...

the weather

the fields

the garden.

I stepped out of my door and into morning air that felt like walking into a bathroom just after a shower has been running, all hot and steamy.

My bare feet were conscious of the quickly drying grass as I made my way to my garden.
In the humid simmering heat I walked, feeling all earth mothery.

The rich ripe ground which has been giving and growing all summer. The over blown flowers and smells of grass thick in the air, layer over layer.

The nearly spent garden succumbing to morning glory vines and bumble bees now stealing center stage from the peppers, the last fruit standing in a dying garden.

The shade of a nearby tree, long green leaves hanging low, made a pretty picture. The hay fields lush and green spread out in every direction, hot sun over head didn't penetrate my verdant little glen under its massive branches.

So beautiful, so lush, like a hot house garden, butterflies included.

Still caught in the spell of my earth mother - the planet and I are one mood

I rounded the corner, tripping in the process over my pajamas and fell,

landing on one knee in this

Well, at least this is how it looked after I fell on it.

Apparently, my earth mother self temporarily forgot that a hot summer day is not all about last fruits, butterflies and verdant glens. Its also about ants and bugs and sticky heat...

and chicken poop.

My mood was gone in an instant...

impulses to take pictures of a summer morning vanished,

replaced completely by the beauteous wonder of a solid wood door with air conditioning on the other side

(and an inadvertent picture of oneself in the door handle taking a picture of a door handle)

ahh the miracle of forced air ducts! And freezers with ice - and iced coffee!

And a battery operated laptop with which to write down the tale of my conversion.

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