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Thursday, August 4, 2011


There is probably no better place to observe the ebb and flow of nature in all its beauty and violence than on a farm.

Animals are not aware of animal rights.

They ignore political correctness.

They function by their own code of ethics which is powered by a strong engine called instinct.

During the last week we have had 3 baby calves born (awwww)

found one dead skunk in the yard near the chicken coop (thank you dogs for protecting the hens, said while holding my nose)

one dead feral cat (trespassing can be lethal)

as well as a couple of other interesting "birth to earth" scenarios.

If you are eating or are somewhat visually sensitive, then you want to just look at the nice picture below of the hens eagerly waiting to be let out in the morning and read NO further...

just click off this blog and go to your happy place none the wiser or more disturbed.

Whatever you do don't scroll down!

This is your final warning!

Had a highly unusual event last week. Well, the event was a snake eating its prey (which isn't unusual but the kids capturing him in a card board box and saying "get your camera - hurry! " This was a chance to learn for them - better than a movie in science class for sure!

As the snake slowly pulled the bird in and its jaw unhinged to allow for the great (in comparison) size of its prey, the snake almost appeared to be smiling

I'm sure if we could really know the reptilian minds inner workings, the snake was probably not smiling but instead thinking "GO AWAY and let me eat in peace!" but we will probably never know if I am correct in that or not...

soon the event was winding down and the box was tipped to one side so the snake could go his merry way.

Sad, disturbing, primal, literal life happening there. I wish I had taken pics of the little faces standing around the box. Eyes wide, fingers touching lips, minds taking in the scene before them.

A few days later I got a call from Handsome Son to bring my camera to the milk parlor, there was something I really needed to see.

Picture this, a busy concrete and steel barn. Twice a day it fills up with cows waiting to be milked. The noise level is impressive, vacuum suction swooshing, cows mooing. Nothing tree like or meadow like in the slightest.


Here is where a little sparrow decided to build her nest.

I wrote HERE just above the spot, can you see it?

While the cow looked at me in amused alarm, me with the black box up to my eye clicking....that she found strange. What was right beside her in the top of the post apparently not so much....

Fragile little is still in its shell

once they noticed my shadow hovering over them, little mouths flew open waiting for food

The circle of life.............

poets have written of it, Elton John sang about it and us here on Blackberry Hill get to live it.

Each and every day.

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