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Monday, March 21, 2011

Are You My Mommy?

Blossom and Speckles are baby chicks.

Flippers is a baby gosling.

They are all the same age.

All three of them still sleep in a cardboard box and still need their heat lamp to keep them warm.


thing is....

Blossom and Speckles didn't get the memo that they are in this world on their own. They decided quite naturally, that the "big one" must be the mom!

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Flippers on the other hand, isn't quite sure what the chicks are for or why they keep following him around.

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Blossom trys to eat from Flippers beak... "feed me mommy"

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and if Flippers lays down to rest? Oh joy! The little feathered ones cuddle right up with shrill chirps of happiness.

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Maybe Flippers should be called Mother Goose?


  1. funny and cute.

    reminded me when I was a child , we used to have so many rabbits and chickens . They used to fight all the time. and we took the role of this flippers with the young rabbits :) >> voluntarily

  2. Sooooo cute! We're still waiting for our goose eggs to hatch out -- after seeing these pictures i can't wait! Did you hatch them out (I mean on farm, not necessarily you personally :) ), or did you buy them? Nice to catch up with you, and see how Spring is springing at your place....take care!