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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hiding In Plain Sight

There was a highly classified meeting held this week.

Born out of desperation, the chicken ladies decided to:

take the bull by the horns.....

wait a minute - too much metaphor mixing -

to take matters in to their own hands

wait a minute - they have no hands-

to take control of their biological destiny

Yes! Perfect! Has a strong chick sounding appropriateness.

So where were we? Ah yes, highly secret planning meeting to come up with a plan to keep that horrible egg stealing woman from robbing the nest. This woman was clever, she built a nice comfortable house and made soft hay filled nests. The rest of her diabolical plan became clear over time.

She actually thought she was entitled to take the eggs that would be laid so trustingly. With the passing of winter and the first whispers of spring - the meeting was held. At this grand poultry summit it was decided to hide the eggs from the crazed egg stealer.

Turkey Lurker, the most highly evolved of the hens, mentioned the concept of hiding in plain sight. Her daring plan was approved and implemented immediately.

Enter the "truck"

The plan for this old truck was to strip the frame to make a small trailer out of it.

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notice the proximity to the chicken coop?

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It is now the repository of the hens valiant efforts to produce young

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Nestled amongst oil cans and old candy wrappers are the secret stash of eggs.
Brilliant, no?

Meanwhile "crazed egg stealer lady" spends her days pulling her hair out in frustration and wondering..

was it the new feed she bought last week? Why are there no eggs in the coop? Are the chickens sick? Should she Google this and try to find out?

Do not waste your sympathy on her though.

This is what she gets for trying to fool Mother Nature.....


  1. HA! You were out-foxed (?) again. Love these real life stories of your farm so keep them coming ok. They are so cheery and that is very much needed in these times. Thank you!

  2. Well, I certainly hope that your chickens and my chickens never get together -- mine also find INTERESTIING places to hide their eggs from Mama Oviraptor, together they might just defeat us!